Attention students:  

Active participation is mandatory in all workshops, even if the subject is not your area of study. 
February 9 – Earl Cabuhat – Preparing a a career in the Creative Industry 
February 27 & 28 – Doug Morrow – 2 Day Practical Effects Workshop
March – VFS 
April – William Pittman – Animation Pipeline Workshop
    –  TBD
Sone of the most important ways to find potential employment is to network and to push one’s skills further through workshops.  Most times it is who you know, in addition to what you know (they go hand in hand).  in this unit, students are expected to…
             –  thoroughly prepare for all workshops/talks.  Always research your guests, explore their portfolio and learn more about their career.  
             –  actively participate in all workshops/talks. Learn how to make eye-contact, smile, stay alert, listen to responses, remain focused
             –  reflect on the workshop and follow-up on any topics/ideas presented. 

Part 1 – Preparation for Talk/Workshop 

Due date:
2 days prior to the presentation delivered by any guest. 
 Research, prepare and develop questions about our guest(s). Save your responses in a saved document and than submit in the google form below.
Part 2 – Reflection & Posting
Students are to post the following on their one (or multiple) Behance projects:
         – Each workshop will be a subpage and titled appropriately        
         – 2-5 photos of the workshop
         – any media created in the workshop
         – a 200 word minimum reflection on the workshop.  
         – always use technical terminology and draw connections to the industry and your education.
         – provide a bio, photo and links to guests work.
         – provide your three questions you developed
         – be sure to organize and stylize your pages in a professional approach.
Behance Unit Portfolio Project:
-Reflect theme of Course
-Art Cover image 404 X 316
-Text “IDM Workshops”
Creative Fields:
-Apply 3 project theme-related  “Creative Fields”
– 15 theme generated tags (use key concepts)
Project Description:
– “This is my Sisler IDM & Digital Voices Workshops.”
Extra Information:
-Brand: Digital Voices and SislerIDM
-Agency: Winnipeg School Division
-School: Sisler High School
-Add the cast and crew with roles.  No one should be listed
Tools Used:
-Identify all tools used in this unit:  Adobe Flash CS6, Adobe Audition CS6, Behance, paper, pencils, light-table
-Embed all Unit components 
-Title each activity
-Use the portfolio Text styles appropriately