Storyboard Pro is software that combines drawing and animation tools with camera controls. Develop the story with total artistic control.  


Students are…

  • to follow hands-on workshop on how to use storyboard pro
  • to individually create a storyboard using the provided templates


  1. Follow along with the teacher to create an animatic of Goodnight Moon
  2. Now, using the provided templates provided, create a complete storyboard pitch
    • use arrows, camera movement, script, drawing layers (O,L,C,U art), Sound, Narrative recordings to script, etc.
  3. Final animatic must be exported in a three panelled pdf and animatic video format
  4. Post PDF and Animatic to your behance project

Template:  Download 

Example of final animatic:

Storyboard Pro Example – The Story of the Three Little Pigs from Sisler IDM on Vimeo.


Student Behance Portfolio Development:

Cover: Reflect theme of Course.  Art Cover must be a screenshot from your project.
Text (name of project):  “Story Pitch”
Creative Fields: Apply 3 project theme-related  “Creative Fields”
Tags: – 10 theme generated tags (use key concepts)
Project Description:  “This is my Story Design & Pitch Project portfolio”
Extra Information:
Brand:  SislerIDM
Agency: Winnipeg School Division 
School: Sisler High School
Credits: Add the cast and crew with roles
Tools Used: Identify all tools used in this unit:  Toon Boom StoryBoard Pro, Behance, paper, pencils, light-table, plus any apps you use in class
Content: Embed all Activities components.  Title each activity using Heading style 1.  Embed images and animations. All text content (not titles) should use Paragraph style.  All components of the activity must be posted here.


These ready-made Storyboard templates include over 100 elements to get you started quickly with a wide selection of characters, backgrounds, props and actions.  Kickstart Storyboard Templates

Other Templates:

StoryBoard Pro Student Projects:

  1. The Minotaur Sample Project (Storyboard Pro):  Get the complete Minotaur storyboarding project including camera moves, script, dialogue, animatic, PDF export and CSV export.
  2. Valentine’s Day Templates:  Show your love by creating a video, postcard, comic or even a whole movie , using our ready-to-use, hyper-original characters, backgrounds and accessories from our new Love Is in The Air: Valentine’s

Script Resources

Teacher Tutorials

Creating Templates in StoryBoard Pro Part 2 from Sisler IDM on Vimeo.