Week 6


Students are to continue working on their Self-Directed Unit Activity.

just a reminder that this Activity is due on November 29th, 2013.

Reflections Task:

As an individual, reflect on this week’s progress using your web cam.  Be sure to:

  • identify any met goals,
  • assess the progress of your ongoing activity,
  • present your project at this point,
  • Groups are also required to create a photo-shoot (and screenshots) of a minimum of 5 images documenting your ongoing progress.
  • Provide a summary of  the photo gallery.  Your group video should be between 30-90 second video on your media assignment,
  • Upload your video to your vimeo channel.  Title it:
    • Self-Directed Activity – Week 6.
    • Insert your description summary (above)
    • generate 10 tags.

Posting Task:

  • Create a new  Week 6 sub page under your Self-Directed Unit parent page.
  • Upload and insert your photo gallery, embed your vimeo video using “ and use the text editor to insert your paragraph