Week 5


  • Create a promotional campaign for Self-Directed Unit,
  • Apply 21st century skills to develop a component of your Self-Directed project,
  • Set a deadline and complete a promotional campaign of the project
  • Create a documentary on the collaboration,
  • This activity will be part of Rich Activity for the Web Graphics Unit

Poster Design:

  • Students explore concepts and approach of Poster Design.  Students are to study and apply elements of design used in popular print design (movie poster).  Students will also compare and contrast the design approaches used in different movie genres through an in class discussion.
  • Posters are created in advance of the cinema release of a film or a project: they are a form of advertising, showing the project’s key features to its potential audience. They may be produced in various sizes and displayed in prominent places to generate interest in a film before it is released and whilst it is playing at cinemas.
  • Generally, posters show the film’s title, an image of a character or characters within a setting from the film, as well as the names of key actors involved and often a short piece of text known as a ‘tagline’ – for example, ‘Face Your Demons’. Often a ‘campaign’ of several slightly different posters will be produced.

A poster should:

Have type large enough to be viewed to 10-15 times your format width.

Have a simple and clear layout so your reader knows where to find the information.

Include all important information such as date, time, location, contact name and telephone number.

Have a dominate elements such as a headline or image that will quickly catch your reader’s eye.

Have the most important message emphasized by size, color, or value.

Have art that is related to the message.

Have the type and imagery arranged in a logical, functional sequence.

Have bold, intense colours to enhance your message so that it can be easily seen.

Use a QR code and web URL (not used very much in the past)


Before beginning, each student should create a Week 5 sub-page under the Self-directed unit parent page.

  • One student in Ottawa working with one student in Winnipeg,
  • It is expected that you collaborate outside of class time.

Part 1 (10 marks):

  • As an individual, partner yourself up with one student from the far site of this collaborative project (one Ottawa student to one Winnipeg student).
  • With your partner, go online and find three examples of posters (not all of the posters can be movie posters) with an effective design. Use the above checklist to help determine your choices. Save them as:  promoposterdesign#.jpg  (one, two and three) in your Self-Directed folder.
  • Pick your favourite poster with your partner and use skitch or the Wedge page screenshot to create an annotation ( a minimum of 6 annotations) of the most effective elements of the poster design you found.  Save as: ourannotatedposter.png or jpg in your Self-directed folder
  • Based on your research and planning (above) start discussing a promotional (informative) campaign for your project.  Take a screenshot of your messages or use the text editor on your Week 5 page to document this stage.
  • Due:  October 11th, 2013

Part 2 (20 marks):

  • Create a promotional campaign for your project. To do this, students must recap the project pitch and brainstorm ideas.
  • Create a list of collaboration tools to assist you in this project.
  • create a QR code your new Week 5 sub page (http://www.qrstuff.com/) and integrate into your poster design,
  • Collaboratively create a promotional poster for your campaign.
  • Poster of project must:
    • 11 inches X 17 inches,
    • Review the fundamentals of poster design.
    • All images must be original (screenshots) and/or vector based
    • Include the following:
      • Title graphic,
      • Slogan,
      • A key image,
      • An effective colour scheme,
      • Integrate the twitter hashtag “e-collaboration”,
      • Integrate twitter the text “@digitavoices1”
      • Present the 5Ws of the project
    • Save as: firstlastname_colab_poster.png in your self-directed unit folder.

Part 3 (15 marks):

  • Collaboratively create a short 30-90 second video demonstrating the collaboration in action over the span of one week.
  • The Documentary of collaborative project must:
    • 60-90 seconds in length,
    • Video must begin with:
      • the original digital voices logo,
      • Include the text “@DigitalVoices1” with your twitter logo,
      • Create a title including:
        • Project name,
        • Collaboration between first names only,
        • A 2013 digital voices collaboration project,
    • End with “a 2013 digital voices collaboration project”
    • Save as: firstlastname_colab_doc.wmv or m4p in your self-directed unit folder.
    • Upload the video to your vimeo channel.  Title it:  Week 5 collaboration.  Provide a 3-5 sentence description and 7-10 tags,
    • Embed video on your Week 5 sub-page

Part 4 (15 marks):

  • Upload example posters, QR Code, annotated screenshot poster, final poster and the video documentary on your Week 5 sub-page,
  • Provide an informative caption under each image uploaded.
  • Insert your project pitch and list of collaborative tools on your page using the Text Editor,

Schedule of collaboration time in class

  • Tuesday, Oct 8: meet at 12:45 cdt
  • Wednesday, Oct 9: on there on time
  • Thursday, Oct 10: meet at 12;45
  • Friday, Oct 14: meet on the on time
  • Monday:  No class…Thanksgiving
  • Tuesday, Oct 15: meet at 12;45

Due Date: Thursday, October 17th @ 3:30 CDT

Assessment of Poster Design: