Week 2

Part 1 – Brainstorm and Development:

    • continue brainstorming potential “Big ?s” your group would like to approach,
    • jotting down ideas,
    • continue researching the topic,
    • students are to develop one component of their project,
    • students are to spend the majority of the time working on their tasks (depending on role),
    • generate 3 individual goals you would like to accomplish by next week for your project to be succesful,
    • take three annotated screenshots demonstrated your work

Part 2 – Reflection:

  • Each student will launch Screencast-o-matic and activate their webcam so your teacher can see the student in addition to your computer screen,
  • As an individual:
    • create a short 30-90 second video on your media project,
    • walk your teacher through your role in the group,
    • review your pitch,
    • Do not use your real names in the video!
  • Upload your video to your vimeo channel,
    • Title your video “Self-Directed Pitch – Week 2”
    • In the description paste your text role and three goals for next week,
    • generate 10-15 tags including the following tags:
      • sisler,
      • digital voices,
      • self-directed,
      • unit

Part 3 – Posting:

  • Create the following text requirements on a new “week 2” page under the “Self-Directed Unit” page:
    • group name,
    • Upload your featured image (logo created) and insert into page
    • project name (header 2),
    • your role,
    • 3  goals,
    • three sereenshots with captions explaining what I am looking at,
    • Upload your video to vimeo and insert into the Page,
  • Page Attributes:
    • Parent Page: Self-Directed Unit,
    • Page order: 1