Week 1

Week 1

Pre-Production Task:

Part 1 – Brainstorm:

  • find 2-3 partners to work with this semester,
  • groups are to spend 30-40 minutes …
    • brainstorming potential “Big ?s” your group would like to approach,
    • jotting down ideas,
    • researching the topic,
    • assign roles for participants,
    • discussing supporting media/software needed,
    • generating 3 goals your project would like to accomplish

Part 2 – Pitch:

  • Students must:
    • decide on a group name and a project name,
    • design a project logo in Adobe Fireworks and use this as the Featured image for all posts (70 X 70 pixels at 72 resolution),
    • compose a formalized pitch (using the brainstorming criteria above) in a word-processing program.  Save it as:  groupname_SDU_pitch.docx in your Self-directed Unit folder,

Part 3- Reflection:

  • launch Screencast-o-matic and activate your webcam so your teacher can see the group in addition to your computer screen,
  • As a group:
    • create a short 30-90 second video on your media project,
    • walk your teacher through your pitch and any ideas/visuals/research,
    • present your pitch,
    • present your group logo and how you came up with the design,
    • Do not use your real names in the video!
  • Upload your video to your vimeo channel,
    • Title your video “Self-Directed Pitch”
    • In the description paste your text pitch,
    • generate 10-15 tags including the following tags:
      • sisler,
      • digital voices,
      • self-directed,
      • unit

Part 4 – Posting:

  • Post the following text requirements on your “Self-Directed Unit” page:
    • group name,
    • Upload your featured image (logo created) and inset into page
    • outline partner names,
    • project name,
    • pitch,
    • 3 goals,
    • implementation strategies,
    • student roles and responsibilities,
    • Upload your video and insert into the Page,
  • Page Attributes:
    • No Parent Page,
    • Page order: 8