Due Date! It is presentation time – Nov 29

The time has finally arrived!  Your Self-Driected project is due – November 29th.


Students will have two dedicated days to finalize the project this week.  Tuesday, November 26th and  Thursday, November 28th.


  • In this unit, students will:
    • reflect on their journey through Digital Voices by exploring 21st Century skills, digital tools, language, history and culture.
    • Create a cultural themed media project within 3 months (15 dedicated one hour classes – you have had 14 classes at this point in the year),
    • Students will work collaboratively on pre-production, production and post-production (sharing online and presenting to the class),
    • The project is not about media, it is about the message.  For example, students are not to make a game for the sake of making a game.  Instead, students should make a game about sustainable food.
  • Teachers will provide guidance and direction, not provide training,

This Unit is worth 10% of your final grade in IWAR4S and in WEGR4S


  • Students will:
  • be given the option to decide on a project dealing with the theme “the big ?” to investigate throughout the duration of the course,
  • brainstorm the topic and research the history of the topic,
  • create a series of weekly video reflections,
  • collaborate with students in Ottawa (next week),
  •  document the process,
  • follow the weekly expectations,
  • independently document the process under their “Self-Directed Unit” page

Reflection Video (20 marks – IWAR4S & 20 marks – WEGR4S):

  • launch Screencast-o-matic,
  • As an individual:
    • create a 4-5 minute video on your media project,
    • walk your teacher through your pitch and any ideas/visuals/research,
    • present your original pitch,
    • present your group logo and how you came up with the design,
    • describe how your project evolved over time,
    • outline your component of the project and how the whole project looks.
  • Upload your video to your vimeo channel,
    • Title your video “Self-Directed Reflection”
    • In the description paste your text pitch,
    • generate 10-15 tags including the following tags:
      • sisler,
      • digital voices,
      • self-directed,
      • unit

SkyDrive (20 marks – IWAR4S & 10 marks – WEGR4S):

  •  Make sure your Self-Directed SkyDrive Folder is updated with all images, document files, media, screenshots, and final project.

Media (50 marks – WEGR4S):

  • FInal project should reflect your original pitch,
  • Make sure your project connects to culture & community,
  • Media should answer the question developed in week 1,
  • Project should present 10 weeks of work,

Presentation (20 marks – IWAR4S & 20 marks – WEGR4S):

  • Ask someone in the class to record your presentation,
  • Present your project to the class,
  • Start with original pitch and describe how it evolved over time,
  • Upload video to VImeo.  Title:  Self-Directed Presentation.  Use your presentation script in the description field, add 10-15 tags.

Web Page (40 marks – IWAR4S):

  • Create a new “final Project” page
  • Include the following Titles using Header 2:
    • Original Pitch,
    • Original sketches/ideas,
    • Embed between 7-10 images (one per week) of the documentation process.  The images should show a transformation of your project,
    • Use captions to describe each image and provide date of image,
    • Embed your recorded presentation.