resource: HTML Language


Further develop knowledge of HTML language


  • Review all of the following exercises before moving on:

HTML Introduction
HTML Editors
HTML Basic
HTML Elements
HTML Attributes
HTML Headings
HTML Paragraphs
HTML Formatting
HTML Links
HTML Images
HTML Tables
HTML Lists
HTML Blocks
HTML Layout
HTML Forms
HTML Iframes
HTML Colors
HTML Colornames
HTML Colorvalues
HTML JavaScript
HTML Entities
HTML Quick List
HTML Summary

Grasp a thorough understanding of HTML coding by completing the following steps:

  • Create an Activity 3 sub-page under the HTML Parent page of your Wix site.
  • Open up Notepad on your computer and complete the following.
  • Go to: and complete the following test review:
      1. Define HTML.
      2. What does HTML stand for?
      3. Define HTML elements.  What are the six main HTML Elements syntax?
      4. Demonstrate the properly nested HTML Syntax.
      5. Define HTML Attributes and provide 2 examples with their description.
      6. Who is making the Web Standards?
      7. Define HTML Tag.
      8. What are the correct HTML tag for the 3 largest heading?  Use the word TITLE as an example.
      9. What  is HTML tag for inserting a line break?
      10. What is the preferred way for adding a background colour in HTML?
      11. What is the correct HTML tag to make text bold?
      12. What is the correct HTML tag to make a text italic?
      13. What is the correct HTML for creating a hyperlink?
      14. How can you create an e-mail link?
      15. Demonstrate the HTML coding to open a link in a new browser window?
      16. Create the HTML coding for a table with 2 columns and 3 rows.
      17. Demonstrate the HTML coding to left align text in a table cell.
      18. Create a simple HTML form with the following fields:
        1. text field for full name
        2. password
        3. a question with 3 answers using radio buttons,
        4. a survey question with 2 checkboxes
        5. a submit button
      19. What does CSS stand for?
      20. Define the function of CSS.
      21. What style elements can be applied in CSS?
      22. How are HTML colours defined?  What is a Hex and what is RGB?
      23. Explain how there can be 16 million different colours.
      24. What are colournames?  provide three examples with the corresponding HEX codes.
      25. What is javascript?  What is the coding for javascript?
      26. What tag allows you to create a list of items with numbers?
      27. What tag allows you to create a list of items with bullets?
      28. Create the  HTML coding for a checkbox.  The checkbox should have a question and at least 3 options.
      29. What is the correct HTML for making a text input field?
      30. What is the correct HTML for creating a dropdown list?
      31. What is the correct HTML for creating a text area?
      32. What is the correct HTML for inserting an image? (use www.digitalvoices/images/image1.jpg as an example)
      33. What is the correct HTML for inserting a background image? (use www.digitalvoices/images/background.jpg as an example)
      34. What is an “iFrame”?  Demonstrate the coding.
      35. Define XHTML.  Explain why XHTML is being used by web designers.
  • Save your notepad file as:  firstlastname_activity2 in your HTML folder,
  • Take a screen shot of your open document and post it to your activity 3 sub-page,
  • Copy and paste your text (above) onto your Activity 3 page.

😀 there will be a test on Monday on these terms!