Activity 7


There are always many ways to do something but here are two techniques to make items or people stand out.


Start by taking three photos in class.

  • Take two photos at 640 X 480 and save tem to your Unit 1/Activity7 folder
  • Be sure to apply an effect to your photo,
  • Open up Fireworks and go to File/open.
  • Select your first image

Part One: Non-Destructive Masking

This technique is non-destructive and is using the masking technique

  • Select your first photo image.
  • In the Properties panel, look for the filters box. Click the [+] to add a filter, and choose Adjust Color > Hue/Saturation.
  • Set the Hue/Saturation values. 0 for Hue, -100 for Saturation and 0 for Lightness (make sure Colorize is not selected). This will turn the image to grayscale.
  •  Clone the image (Edit >/Clone).
  • Remove the Hue/Saturation to the first image so it is now back to colour.
  • Now have two images, the one below is grayscale, the one above is in full colour.

  • Now you just have to make the coloured one above be isolated to the subject.
  • Use the Pen Tool to outline the subject, That would be me in my photo.
  • Now add a white fill,
  • Select the path and the coloured image and choose  Modify/Mask/Group as Mask.


  • Save as:  firstlastname_activity 7a.png in your Unit 1/Activity 7 folder.
  • Now repeat the process using the second photo.  Isolate a different area.
  • Save as:  firstlastname_activity 7b.png in your Unit 1/Activity 7 folder.
  • Create a new Activity 7 sub-page and upload & insert both files. In the text box insert your name and activity 7.