Course Description:

Digital Voices is composed of the following two “Interactive Digital Media” courses:

• Interactive Digital Media Project Management 40s (DM100V4S)
• Futures In Interactive Digital Media 40s (DM101V4S)

Innovation, flexibility and creativity! Digital Voices is a unique 2 credit block digital media course designed for students interested in project-based learning. Learn how to plan, create and promote a project of their choice (i.e., an animated feature, an app, a game, a short film, etc) while experimenting with cutting-edge digital technology.

The tools to create the digital media projects will be up to the discretion of the student. Students will be required to combine web 2.0 portfolio development tools and with trending digital media tools such as: web 2.0, Social Media, and augmented reality, etc. Students will have an opportunity to collaborate with peers and experts in the industry through in-person meetings, social media and video conferencing. 

Room:  Studio 57
Recommended Course Materials:  
                 Film Focused student – 16 GB – 2 TB USB  & a 16 GB SD Card
                 Animation Focused student – 8 GB USB (minimum) & Sketchbook, & pencils
                 Game/App Design Focused student – 8 GB USB (minimum) 
                 Digital Design Focused student – 16 GB USB (minimum) & a 8 GB SD Card
Attention Students!  This is not a regular high school class.  Be prepared to challenge & push yourself!  Most of this course will focus on preparing you for the Creative Industry.  I will do my best to provide opportunities, you must take advantage of these opportunities.  This course is design to replicate the industry as much as possible.  Therefore, there will be no tests and exams!  
Pause for a collective “Yeah”
There will be fun, deadlines, interviews, deadlines, group projects, deadlines, tears, deadlines, cheers, and a lot of major decisions to be made.  There is no place for “me” over the “group.”  You will learn the skills to complete projects and deal with conflict.  So gather your “Weapons of Mass Creation” and prepare yourself for a journey.  

Why Choose a Career in the Creative Industry?  

Sisler High School currently have articulation agreements with several post-secondary institutions, including the University of Winnipeg, Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts, and Vancouver Film School.  We are working hard to setup similar partnerships with other post-secondary institutions like:  Red River College, School Creative and more.   We are also working with New Media Manitoba & the Province of Manitoba to establish summer internships for the students with the top grades in the Sisler IDM frameworks. Here is the proposed criteria for internships:
           •  Students must apply for Intern positions,
           •  Students must finish with an 90%+ average in IDM Framework classes to be considered,
           •  Students must be willing to adjust schedules to participate in Intern positions,
           •  Students must be applying to post-secondary institutions to be considered.
For our articulation with VFS,  Digital Voices students qualify for up to $700 in scholarship money, priority to participate in every workshop and a chance to meet VFS faculty members at Sisler or in Vancouver.
VFS Articulation  – Combined Digital Voices course could grant a student up to $700