Course Outline & Objectives

Course Outline:

dig voices course outline


Project Management Course 100%
In the opening sequence of the course, students will plan, develop, and launch a Multi-Media project of choice. Students will apply their knowledge in a series of experimental tasks that will explore each of the key concepts.
110 hours
• Discuss and Discover a Digital Media Project – 30%
• Design a Digital Media Project – 20%
• Develop a Digital Media Project – 25%
• Deliver a Digital Media Project – 30%
Futures in Interactive Digital Media Course  100%
This course focuses on the development of a student’s professional media portfolio and connecting with industry leaders.
110 hours
• Progress Interviews – 30%
• Documentation – 20%
• Industry Connections & Workshops – 20%
• Portfolio &/or Website – 30%
No Exam and Summative Activities for this Project Management program.

Digital Media Project Management & Futures in Interactive Digital Media Rubric: