Activity 1: MIcrosoft Expression Blend & Silverlight


Welcome to Activity 1 of the Expression Blend and Silverlight OnRamp training program. This content is designed to give you a foundation in both the platform and tools you need to deliver the most compelling user experiences today on the web, desktop and mobile.

The OnRamp training has been designed to work with Expression Blend 4, part of Expression Studio 4 Ultimate. Many of the lessons have assets available that enable you to easily follow what is being presented on screen.



  • Create a Mobile App folder and a new Activity 1sub folder in your thawed drive,

Part 1:  An introduction to Silverlight and Expression Blend (part 1)

Once you’ve completed this introductory training you will have a broad baseline of knowledge that you can build on with the training that follows. Composed of a total of 13 video tutorials.