Activity 3: Animating with Microsoft Blend

Part 2:  Creating and modifying User Interface controls

To build user experiences that look great, increase both usability and productivity you’ll need to have the control to create exactly the UI elements you need. Expression Blend enables you easily create and modify UI controls directly on the design surface; whether you are re-skinning and styling, radically re-structuring or creating a new custom control from scratch Expression Blend and Silverlight make it easy to achieve the results you need . This type of customization has never been easier and is critical to unlocking the potential of Silverlight and Blend.

Goal:  These six tutorials will show you how to create or edit six core Silverlight control types. You can then apply these techniques when editing or creating any other Silverlight controls. Learn about the different elements that make up the different UI controls, how to edit them, how to customize them and how to apply use these as templates to apply as styles to other controls. You can combine this new knowledge with the Photoshop importer to quickly turn static Photoshop graphics into real controls! Composed of a total of seven video tutorials.