Activity 2: MIcrosoft SketchFlow

Part 2:  Dive deeper into the platform and tools: An introduction to Silverlight and Blend (part 2)

Continue to discover the capabilities of Silverlight and Expression Blend by building on the knowledge gained in ‘An overview of Silverlight and Expression Blend’. These videos are designed to expand your knowledge of several different areas of Expression Blend and are particularly useful in showing that while overall concepts might be similar to other tools (such as Flash) the design and development process is different and more refined.

Goal:  Behaviors, animation and the Visual State Manager are important features of Blend that accelerate your ability to deliver solutions effectively for your clients. During these videos we’ll take a close look at how easily these features can impact your application design, you’ll also learn the basics about using 3D projection to create a new dimension to your applications and finally take a quick refresher on the three main layout tools for creating your application UI. Composed of a total of 7 video tutorials.