Rich Activity


Create a convincing propaganda “Newscast”  on the Mayan Doomsday.  Newscast must:

  • integrate real natural disaster footage,
  • present how social media is dealing with Doomsday 2012

This Rich Activity will require students to continue their media creation of their Cultural Activity 3.  Students are to discuss, research and gather data on the concept of “Social Media” and “Doomsday 2012.” This data/media can be found in the format of social networks, video, blogs, games, websites, information, and any other resources. Students will need to investigate and Video News feeds of Natural Disasters.  Using digital networks, students are to investigate a response to these questions.


Students are to complete the 3 phases of media creation – pre-production (research), production and post-production.  Your media artwork must present the present the criteria of each.  Students are to complete the following elements for their rich activity:

  • a minimum of 30 seconds of time-lapse ,
  • a minimum of 15 seconds of (5 different sound effects) sound effects,
  • a minimum of 15 seconds voice over/host depicts video story,
  • a minimum of 15 seconds foley art,
  • a minimum of one royalty free song as a score,
  • start with a title,
    • a minimum of 5 seconds for a title, applying a creative Title Graphic approach
    • Create a creative title name for the Rich Activity,
    • Graphic approach
    • ” a Your name production”
    • Digital Voices Unit 3, Rich Activity
  • Credits must include all URLs of media & info used in video


Task 1 – File Management

  • Create a new sub-folder called: Rich Activity, in your Video Unit of the Thawed drive,
  • Create a new Rich Activity sub-page under the Video Unit,

Task 2 – Research

  • In a MS Word document and reflect on your 3 newscasts of Natural Disasters (consider genre, graphics, music, score,  story-telling, narrative, interviews and other production styles) and their techniques used.  Save as:  Firstlastname_rich Activity.docx in your Rich Activity Folder.   Be sure to answer these questions in your reflection:
    • Provide web link or Video name
    • Reflect on how you think this film was created
    • How were interviews used?
    • What transitions were used?
    • What graphics/logos/effects were used?
    • How was text used?
    • What were the camera shots and angles?
    • How effective were they used?
    • How was audio used to reinforce the message and the video?
    • How were Still Images used? If so, how?

Copy and paste your reflection (text only) on your Rich Activity page

Step 3 – Proposal

On your Rich Activity create a Proposal for your Rich Activity video.  Be sure to include a “Proposal” title.  The proposal should present (4 to 5 sentences) of your video goal. The subject is “Presenting Doomsday 2012” as inevitable.  Make sure it the content is deemed “School appropriate.

Step 4 – Story-boarding

  • Storyboard frame for every 10 seconds of video footage,
  • Start with intro title and end with credits.
  • Digitalize and post your storyboard to your Rich Activity sub-page ,

Step 5 – Film

  • Images and all video must be HDV at 24 fps
  • Maximum length of video: 2:00 minutes
  • Minimum Length: 1:30 minutes
  • Must strategically use and integrate the formula used in other newscasts
  • Stock video footage (you will need to bring it in from home) can be used, but credited
  • POPULAR MUSIC (copyrighted) may not be used, please credit the all royalty free audio files credits (i.e., program, artist, writer, and CD).
  • Newscast must present credits.  Credits at the end of video should include your name, copyright information and “A 2012 Digital Voices Rich activity“
  • Export movie as: firstlastname_richvideo.flv,
  • upload video to your vimeo account,
  • Embed video to your Rich Activity sub page.