Rich Activity


  • Students are to demonstrate the skills developed in Unit 1.   Students need to create a simple shape character from popular culture interacting with an object.

Task & Criteria:

Proposal Task:

  • create a Rich Unit folder in Unit 1,
  • Open up Micosoft Word and create a proposal.  The proposal must:
    • must begin with a Title of the animaiton,
    • be a minimum of one paragraph,
    • describe your character and object,
    • describe the plot…what will happen in your animaiton,
    • Save your Word document as:  firstlastname_richactivity.docx in your Unit 1/Rich Activity folder
    • Copy and paste your text from your Word document to a post:
  • due date: October 25th, 2012,

Animation Task:

  • a minimum of 6 layers:
    • bottom layer: character illustration layer,
    • second layer: background layer,
    • third layer:  your character layer,
    • fourth layer:  object layer,
    • A Mask layer,
    • Layer of choice
  • animation duration:  5 seconds @ 24 fps,
  • find a themed background image (large format) and save an image to your Rich Unit folder.  Import to library.  Set up on a new layer named ” background” (lock layer after placing).
  • search and save an image of your favourite cartoon character (consider the pose).  Import to library.  Set up on a new layer named ” illustration” (lock layer after placing).
  • create a vectored version of your character on a layered named “Character”. 
    • Character must:
      • demonstrate gradients and gradient transform
      • demonstrate line shading,
      • use of graphic symbols
  • create a vector image that your character will use to demonstrate squash and stretch,
    • Object must:
    • demonstrate gradients and gradient transform
    • use of graphic symbols
  • use action script stop on a keyframe at the end of the animaiton (review Activity 7),
  • Due date:  October 30th, 2012

Screencasting Task:

During the creation of your Rich Activity, you will be required to create a 3-5 minute screencast tutorial on one of your most challenging (or intetesting) components of your animation.  Be sure to use the 5 of the following terms in your screencast:

  • FPS,
  • Key Frames,
  • Tween,
  • Symbol,
  • frame-by-frame,
  • stroke,
  • fill,
  • mask,

Sharing Task:

  • save your work file as:  firstlastname_Unit1RU.fla in your Rich Unit folder,
  • Post your firstlastname_Unit1RU.fla in a reply to your proposal here:
  • export movie as:  firstlastname_Unit1RU.swf  in your Rich Unit folder,
  • Reply to your firstlastname_Unit1RU.swf here:
  • export movie as: in your Rich Unit folder,
  • Upload your Quicktime MOV file to your Vimeo channel,
  • Title should be “Unit 1: Rich Activity,”
  • Description will be your proposal,
  • Tags will be:  Rich Activity, Sisler, ICT, Animation, student work, plus your will need to generate 5 more.
  • Reply to your animaiton post (above)and provide the Rich Activity vimeo URL here:
  • Due date:  October 31st, 2012