Rich Activity


Students are to demonstrate the animation skills developed in Unit 1 and Unit 2.  All characters, images, media and audio must be original.  Create a Rich Activity folder in your Animation Unit  folder.


Task 1 – Planning (10 Marks)

  • Research, proposal, backgrounds and character designs – 10 marks

Task 2- Animation (65 marks)

  • Cell animation – 10 marks,
  • Shadows – 5 marks,
  • Multiple Backgrounds – 10 marks,
  • Audio Score – 10 marks,
  • Audio Text – 5 marks,
  • Bone tool and Spring- 10 marks,
  • Flow of animaiton – 5 marks,
  • Lip Sync – 10 marks,
  • Fla work file, exported swf with action script “stop” – 5 marks,

Task 3 – Reflection Task (25 marks)

  • Inidividual screencast and reflection –  15 marks,
  • Posting of work – 10 marks


 Task 1 –  Planning:

  • Find 2 to three other students to work with,
  • take 15 minutes to discuss animation and character ideas,
  • Open Word and create a proposal paragraph,
  • Grab some paper and pencils and design 2 characters and background sketches,
  • Use the webcam to digitize the sketches,
  • Create a new post here:  Your Post must:
    • include all names of students,
    • copy and paste the text of the proposal into the comment box,
    • upload the digital images of the sketches
  • Due date:  December 10th

Task 2 – Animation:

Students are to work in groups of 2-3 to create a 60 second animation which creatively demonstrates:

  • 3 principles of animation,
  • drop shadows,
  • 3 layers of looping backgrounds,
  • 30 seconds of cell animation,
  • the use of the bone tool,
  • the use of the spring tool,
  • use lip sync,
  • audio editing (a score and a minimum of 5 sound effects)
  • save as:  firstlastname_Unit2RU.fla in your Unit 2/Rich Unit folder,
  • export as: firstlastname_Unit2RU.swf in your Unit 2/Rich Unit folder,
  • Post work here:
  • DUE DATE:  December 20th, 2012
  • Unit 2 Test:  December 21st, 2012
Hint!  you want to assign different roles to each student.
Hint!  You may also want to work in scenes.  Watch this video…

Animation Unit, Working with Scenes in Adobe Flash CS5 from Digital Voices on Vimeo.

Hint! You may want to work on separate files (firstlastname_richactivity2.fla) and have a final master copy named:  student initials_richactivity2.fla so you can work with multiple libraries.  Watch this video…

Animation Unit, Working with mulitple File libraries from Digital Voices on Vimeo.

Task 3 – Reflection:

  • This activity must be completed individually,
  • Launch screencast-o-matic and create a 45-120 second reflection tutorial,
  • Students are to present what they worked on in this project and reflect on their success,
  • export your video to your Rich Activity sub-folder,
  • Upload your video to your vimeo channel and post the video to



Click here to view example one: