Activity 5: Drop Shadows


  • Students will learn how to add depth to your 2D animation by adding a drop shadow filter.



Part 1:  Create a tweened line

  • Follow instruction to create activity, the elephant students will create a basic tweened animation of a moving line on the provided brick wall background.  Import the wall to your library.
  • Download this brick wall to your Activity 3 sub-folder,
  • Import the Brick Wall to your library,
  • Create three layers (Brick wall, character shadow and character),
  • Inserte a frame on the 60th frame for all layers,
  • Create and tween a straight line .  The bottom should not move…see the example:


Part 2:  Apply the Drop Shadow

  • Select the symbol,
  • Go to Properties and scrool down to filters,
  • apply a new filter/drop shadow,
  • play around with distance and angle,
  • apply a black colour with the alpha set to 45%

Part 3:  Saving, Exporting and Posting

  • Apply a basic shadow for the duration of the animation,
  • Save your work as: firstlastname_activty3.fla
  • export movie as: firstlastname_activty3.swf
  • upload the work file and the animated file to the Unit 2 work Post: