Activity 4: Basic Shadow


    • Students will learn how to add depth to your 2D animation by adding a shadow,
    • learn about symbol “nesting”
    • Nesting is the term used when you placing one element inside another. Just as eggs are placed inside a nest:



  • Create an activity 2 subfolder in your Unit 2 folder,
  • Download the following background file to your Unit 2/activity 2 folder:


download the file here

activity 2,

  • Go to the following online Flash book and navigate to page 95 and page 96:
  • Follow instruction to create activity, but instead of the witch character, students will create a basic nested animated ghost on the provided file.  Your character should not move horizontally, allow the background to trick the eye.

Part 1: Create a basic ghost character:

  • After you download the provided file save as: firstlastname_activity2.fla,
  • Create a new character layer above the background layers,

  • Create a basic ghost character (two eyes and slightly leaning to the right) and convert to symbol,
  • Create the ghost’s arm and convert to symbol,
  • Position Ghost and arm on the left side of the stage,

Part 2: Create an animated symbol and modify the symbol Nest:

  • Convert the entire ghost (with Arm) as a “nested”  symbol,
  • Apply a slight animation to the nested character symbol,
  • Apply a slight animation to the arm symbol in the nested character symbol,
  • Apply a basic shadow by going back to the stage editor and copying and pasting the “Boo the Ghost” symbol,
  • Change the tint of the new instance of the shost to a dark colour of green and set to 100%,
  • Re-position solid colour instance of ghost to the bottom right of Boo.  Use the Skew, Free transform and distort tool to get the desired shadow.

Part 3:  Save, export and Post: