Activity 5: Events and Methods Review


  • To review the methods covered.
  • To learn some new methods


  • All the blank lines of code are filled in and the Flash program works as it is expected.


  1. Open events_methods_FillInBlanks.fla. The program has been started for you. The interface is set up and some of the code has been created. Download File
  2. In Library you will find information on the objects used in creating this program. You can find the names of the instances by selecting them, then looking in the properties box. Open the instance square in instance mode. Note that this instance is made up of 6 frames.
  3. Open up the code in the actions layer. Note that the missing lines of code are notated with a brief explanation.
  4. Use clues in the lines before and after the code to complete the application.
  5. Be prepared to demonstrate your program and show your Actionscript code.