Activity 4: Mouse Movement Project


Students will apply what they have learned in the Mouse Movement tutorial to create a Flash game that uses the onStartDrag and onStopDrag functions.


  • Correct use of the functions
  • An interface which is easy to understand and use.
  • The use of several instances. (At least 6) Instances must have meaningful names.
  • Correct use of the functions needed to complete the game.
  • An interesting, engaging Flash game
  • A short paragraph of explanation


Create an original Drag and Drop Game that will be suitable for you website. Your game should reflect an interest of yours.

You may draw the objects yourself or import images. Remember to convert to symbols and to name your instances appropriately. Look at the Mouse Movement tutorial for sample code.

Post your game and a paragraph of describing the process of creating your game and the source of your inspiration on your website. Be prepared to show your Actionscript Code on screen.