Activity 11: Slicing a Website

 Step 3: Insert image in Fireworks:

  • Got to ‘File’ in the Main menu,
  • Select ‘Import’ your logo,
  • Select the image file,
  • The cursor will change,
  • Click where you want the top left corner of the image to appear, then drag and click where you want the bottom right corner to appear.
  • The image will resize and appear in the specified area.
  • Resizing an image in Fireworks.  You can make the image still smaller by using the scale tool.

  • Select the image
  • Click on the scale tool. Handles will appear on the corners and sides of the image.
  • Drag a corner handle of the image (pressing the shift key to resize proportionately)
  • Repeat the previous steps but this time add 2 other image into your layout.

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