Activity 11: Slicing a Website

Step 2:  It is now time to create the menu in Fireworks.

First let us create the main menu area, using the rectangle shape tool.

  • create a black rectangle. In case it is getting filled with a gradient, you may need to select ‘solid’ instead of ‘linear’ from the drop down next to the fill colour, in the Properties panel.
  • set the menu banner to a minimum of 35 pixels high by the width of the document,

A general layout will look like this:



  • Using the text tool create the menu items:
  • HOME
  • BLOG
  • Space out your text evenly.  It will look sort of like this:
  • Similarly create the footer area with the copyright information and the footer menu.
  • You can easily add special characters like the copyright symbol from the Special Characters panel (next to the properties panel).

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