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Global Citizenship: Is the idea that we are all citizens of the world and that as citizens of the world we are all equally responsible for what happens in our world. It is also a belief that as global citizen it is our responsibility to raise awareness, understanding, empathy and take action to address issues of social injustice, inequality and environmental degradation no matter where in the world they are occurring.

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Things to keep in mind:

It is important that all participants are aware of the copyright requirement in their projects. When they win, they will be asked to complete a release form for all of the people found in the video.

All entries that contain images and music that have not come from the CHF website, unless the entry has provided written permission from the owner, will be disqualified.

Prior to starting your project you will want to read through the provided guidelines and contest rules to make sure that your entry qualifies. We have provided a checklist to help you keep track of all the requirements. Click here to download the checklist