Way to go Trent! First a Golden Globe now an Oscar

imageI am happy to inform everyone that our SoapboxED speaker from last November, Trent Correy, won his first of many oscar’s last night! So nice to see students reaching for the stars!

“What an awesome ride this film has been, and to cap it off with an Oscar is unbelievable!!! Congratulations to the whole team at Walt Disney Animation Studios and THANK YOU for letting me be part of it! I owe a HUGE thanks to these guys Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Lino DiSalvo, Amy Lawson Smeed, Tony Smeed, Hyrum Osmond and Malcon Pierce for an amazing mentorship and training during my time here:D Such an incredible family, and unbelievable level of talent at Walt Disney Animation studios, so proud of everyone here!!
This is the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at Disney Animation!!! YEAAAAA!” – Trent

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