Girls from Save Our Minds to present at “Prevention and Response to Cyberbullying: Safe and Caring Schools Leadership Forum”

So proud to inform everyone that our girls will be presenting at the “Prevention and Response to Cyberbullying: Safe and Caring Schools Leadership Forum” on May 9th.    Learn more at:

About the Save Our Minds project:

Sisler High School’s Save Our Minds (www.saveourminds.orgproject is a student initiated campaign created to raise awareness for different mental illnesses and how they affect the current generation and future generations teens.  Their project focuses on the following mental illnesses: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, Suicide and all forms of bullying. The project aims to provide solutions and help for families and parents who either know someone who are suffering from mental illnesses.  By raising awareness the girls hope that people understand these mental illnesses and make it easier for them talk with others.  The main goal is to allow people to become more comfortable in discussing these types of problems and also to get rid of all associated stereotypes.

The Save Our Minds project was created by Staphanie Zabar and Jennifer Pazdor of the Digital Voices ( program at Sisler High School in the fall of 2013.  As the project began to grow two other grade 11 students, Simarjeet Gill and Samantha-Maria Figueroa, joined the cause.  To this point the girls have created a website (, a short documentary, hosted an international video conference with Carol Todd, presented at the Canadian Safe Schools Network “The Power of One” conference, are developing an Mental Health Awareness app, are creating an augmented reality “self-help” app for the Amanda Todd Legacy, and have been asked to present for Manitoba Education (in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection) “Prevention and Response to Cyberbullying: Safe and Caring Schools Leadership Forum” conference in May of 2014.

About the evolution of the Apps:  In November 2013 the girls learned that Carol Todd would be coming to speak at Sisler High School and they requested to host the event. Prior to the event we created t-shirts for people attending to wear. All students in attendance wore purple shirts with the Save Our Minds logo and with the words “Stop. Think. Connect.” This was a great success.  Not only did our students have an opportunity to be part of this event, over 70 schools participated throughout North America and was highlighted on  It was at this event where the girls met Mary Hall from Safe Schools Manitoba.  Once the girls met Carol Todd, they became even more determined to continue with raising awareness for mental health. They began to research different helplines and help services available for teens. The girls learned that many of the available services are not 24/7 and they wanted to be able to provide a service that would be available at any time. The concept of an app surfaced.  The App made sense, it would serve their generation, due to the fact that not all teens are less likely to call a helpline because we usually do not talk on the phone to begin with, never mind calling a stranger. The main functionality of the app would provide texting service and quick resources for teens. The Apps are still being developed, but girls hope to launch them in June of 2014.

Learn more about the girls by visiting:

The girl’s website:

Keep current by following them on twitter: @SaveOurMinds

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