Steph, Jen and Sim will present at Safe Schools Canada’s conference “The Power of One”

Safe & Caring Schools – The Power of One
“Kids can walk around trouble if there is someplace to walk to, and someone to walk with.”

Tito in Urban Sanctuaries
(Milbrey, McLaughlin, et al)

Resiliency research affirms that caring, respectful adult-student relationships are foundational to meeting the social, emotional and academic needs of students.

The Canadian Safe Schools Network in partnership with Safe Schools Manitoba is pleased to announce that the annual Safe Schools Conference will be held on February 10, 2014.

Join us for a full day of valuable presentations on a wealth of topics related to resiliency, relationships, social-emotional development and mental health needs of students.

3:15 PM
Keynote Presentation:
Digital Voices Students
Sisler High School

We’re a group of students in the Digital Voices ( program at Sisler and we have created an initiative to help raise awareness about mental health, that resulted in the Save Our Minds project. We’ve had several ideas to help spread awareness about how severely mental illness can effect people.
Sisler High School’s Save Our Minds project is a student initiated campaign created to raise awareness for different mental illnesses and how they affect different teens. Some of the mental illnesses focused on include Depression, Anxiety, and all types of bullying. The project aims to provide solutions and help for families and parents who either know someone who have mental illness and are trying to cope.

By raising awareness we will help people to understand these mental illnesses and make it easier to talk about with others. That way it will be easier to get help if they need it. The goal is to make people more comfortable in discussing these types of problems and also to get rid of all stereotypes which associate with these problems.

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