Stop, Think, Connect with Carol Todd

WINNIPEG — The mother of a teen tormented online prior to
taking her own life had a stark warning for dozens of Winnipeg
students Tuesday morning. “It could happen to anyone,” said Carol
Todd. Todd’s 15-year-old daughter was convinced to flash her
breasts during an online chat. A photo taken by the person watching
was widely circulated among other teens, resulting in months of
bullying that culminated in Amanda Todd’s October 2012 suicide.
Carol Todd spoke about cyberbullying at Sisler High School on
Tuesday. The presentation was live streamed to 68 schools across
the country and in the U.S. “She got trapped in the Internet. …
Someone convinced her she was beautiful … that she should be her
friend … and it turned out to be someone quite evil,” said Todd.
The photo was posted on a child pornography site. It also ended up
in the hands of several students at Amanda’s school. “That one
photo of her … that’s why I’m standing here. When it got shared,
her peers thought it would be good to make fun of her — these
people she thought were her friends.” Source: Global news Winnipeg

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