Preparation for SoapBoxED with Carol Todd


Be prepared for Tuesday’s SoapBoxED session on cyber bullying. Last night, the CBC’s Fifth Estate exposed the world of “The Sextortion of Amanda Todd”. Just a reminder that our Cyber security students will be presenting with Carol Todd on Tuesday, November 19th. Here is more of the TV episode.


Go to and…

  • watch The Sextortion of Amanda Todd Create a new “Stop, Think, Connect” subpage under the self-directed parent page,
  • generate 3-5 open ended questions with a partner,
  • be prepared to ask the questions on Tuesday
  • Summarize responses Provide a top five list of what one should do when one one is being effected by any of the issues presented,
  • provide links to the CBC’s fifth estate The Sextortion of Amanda Todd, the amandatoddlegacy,, soapboxEd’s Nov 19 post on our presentation
  • go to and create the following:
  • take ten minutes and navigate through the site. In 2-3 paragraphs describe why this site is important for your generation. Provide 5 screenshot annotations supporting your paragraphs
  • now go to the internet Safety page
  • summarization on how to be Mobile Safe,
  • summarization on how to deal with  “Sexting”
  • summarization on how to “respect yourself”
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