SoapBox Ed with Jim Sanders

Artist Biography:  Jim Sanders is a Winnipeg-based, independent documentary filmmaker and media artist. His work includes such films as Seeds of Change, The Real Thing, and Winnipeg First Nation: A Heart of a Home. Sanders is currently in post-production of his most recent film, Nosis: A Cinematic Vision Quest. Sanders believes in film and art as a means of community empowerment and inspiration for positive social change. Sanders is a founding member of the Harvest Moon Society, a group that supports sustainable rural lifestyles, as well as Condor & Eagle, a grassroots initiative with a goal to build lasting relationships across the Americas that include indigenous and non-indigenous communities.

 Task – Concept development

  • Add to your Concept development or create a new Doc Making sub-page (from week 7) sub-page under the Self-directed unit,
  • Develop a 1-2 open-ended questions for documentary making
  • Research “Documentary making and Jim Sanders,
  • Generate 2-3 paragraphs on what your learned about “DOC making” today,
  • Capture and post 3-5 images from today’s event with captions



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