SoapBoxEd with Lisa MacKenzie


Students are to…

  • Pair up with a student.
  • Get a sheet of paper.
  • Brainstorm what you know about data management in the corporate world.
  • Generate a list of issues surrounding data management and corporations.
  • Develop a set of 5 open-ended questions based on the theme of “Data Management” in the corporate world before the video conference.
  • In your mind keep track of key concepts, corporations and ideas presented during the session.
  • Pose the question to Lisa and record the response,


Students are to …

  • create a Lisa MacKenzie sub-page under their Self-Directed page,
  • set the page order,
  • take a photo of your brainstorm sheet,
  • upload your brainstorm text and photos to the new page,
  • add links on your page and under links, create a link to the Lisa’s portfolio page page,
  • insert an image and the logos from the Lisa’s websites,
  • post your questions on the page number in order of best question down,
  • post the a summary of Lisa’s response to the question you posed on the sub-page,


  • As a pair, use social media to promote the session campaign.
  • Document with a screenshot or photo,
  • tweet a phrase and use the hashtag trend #DataCentresRock
  • @TypeACubed, @Soapbox_ed, @digitalvoices1


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