Field Trip – October 21 & 22


What you Need to Know about the Field Trip! 

The field trip is a privledge, students who do not attend must attend class with Mr. Galvao in room 59.  Students who break the rules will be removed from the Field Trip experience and accompanied back to Sisler.

  • Buses pick up students in front of main office on Redwood @ 9:00 am,
  • Bring a lunch or money to spend at the U of W’s cafeteria,
  • Buses depart from the U of W at 2:15 pm,
  • Expect to be back at Sisler @ 2:35-2:40 pm,
  • Bring your own smart device on Monday, October 21,
  • Bring a laptop to share with a partner on Tuesday, October 22,
  • All students must accompany the class on the school bus,
  • Students must spend their lunchtime in a teacher supervised area,
  • Students
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