SoapBoxED presents “Pathway to Sustainable Livelihoods” in South Sudan (CHF)

CHF South Sudan Presentation (October 2013) FINAL
CHF in South Sudan
Pathway to Sustainable Livelihoods
Presented by: Danuta Swiecicka Program Officer for Africa
October 11, 2013 @ 1:15 pm CDT


Students are to:

  • pair up and develop a set of 5 open-ended questions based on this project before the video conference.  Go to this to research the video conferenced topic.
  • Create a new Soapboxed CHF sub-page under their Self-Directed page,
  • Post their questions on the page number in order of best question,
  • Pose the question to Danute and record the respone,
  • Post the summarized response to the question on the sub-page,
  • As a pair, use social media to promote the CHF Change It campaign.  Document with a screenshot (bonus mark),


chf video conference – October 11, 2013 (part 1) from Digital Voices on Vimeo.

chf video conference – October 11, 2013 (part 2) from Digital Voices on Vimeo.

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