Virtual Field Trip (Traditional Meaning & use of Bears)


9:30 am-11:00 am


Pre-Field Trip Activity Ideas

  • Brainstorm questions related to your grade level and Science unit to ask during the presentation
  • Invite students to share their own animal stories
  • Take a survey of who hunts in the class/community, what they hunt
  • Research facts about bears/large mammals
  • Research myths about bears/large mammals
  • Research and compare/contrast different bear species
  • Create a tall-tale starring an animal
  • Create an artistic piece using an animal as your subject
  • Brainstorm animal adaptations which help bears survive


Post-Field Trip Activity Ideas

  • Invite an elder or community member to share insight with your class
  • Gather local recipes, choose some to cook
  • Preserve wild meat using traditional practices
  • Compare and contrast human cell structure and DNA to that of various wild animals
  • Create an action plan to sustain wildlife in your area
  • Interview local hunters, inquire about weather patterns and wildlife behavior
  • Visit a water source site, identify ecosystem components
  • Visit the forest, identify which areas would make suitable habitats for various animals
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