Final Summative

Complete the following when you have finished your summative.

Comment below with:

Text: Mr. Leduc, I have completed my summative. Please assess my work by visiting: (insert the link to your summative sub-page)

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  2. okay so instead of doing the animation unit you said it was okay for me to help with the grad photo video tutorials
    heres Activity 6 : Preparing the student!activity-6-preparing-the-student/cwsw
    heres activity 8 quality and feed back!quality-and-feedback/c21ny
    this was my website proposal of the html unit!activity-2/cglb!blank/c23mf

    this is my spoken word assignment!spoken-word/c1gd2

    my summative!blank/c1q4l!video-task/c2u4

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