Course Update for October 14th-19th

This week we are woking on Foley Art.
Sound is a super important part of any film/video production, but on big productions the most carefully recorded sound on set is the character dialogue. All the background noises from footsteps to paper shuffling is usually recorded separately. That’s where foley artistry comes in!
Foley is the art of reproducing and creating sounds for film. It was started by a true O.G. of sound, Jack Foley, in the roaring 20′s. He projected a movie onto a screen while he and his team recreated the ambient sounds in the movie that the microphones didn’t pick up during filming. The sounds were recorded onto one single track. Check out this example by Nick where a silent film is given a whole soundtrack via live performance.
The art form has advanced considerably with the advent of multi-track recording. Modern foley artists can record multiple sounds in a studio and blend them together to make a complex auditory experience. Gary Hecker, professional foley artist, explains and demonstrates this process in this video by Michael Coleman.

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