Week 2 – September 17-21

Welcome to week 2:

This week we will be working on the Imaging Unit.  Here are the due dates for of first unit of work:

  • Monday:  Activity 5 is due,
  • Tuesday:  Activity 6 is due
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:Activity 7 is due
  • Friday: Activity 8 is due,

On Friday, September 21st, you will be presented the Rich Activity for the Imaging Unit.  This Activity will be assigned for the week of September 24-28.  Remember that September 24th is an in-service for educators, therefor there will be no classes.  This means you will have 4 days (8 classes) to complete this rich activity.  The Rich Activity is worth more than Activities 1-8 because this is a summative activity.

Be prepared for a unit test on October 1st.

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