cultural activity 1

  1. Create a new twitter account by using: DigitalYourname        eg. DigitalLeduc
  2. Educate us on who you are as an individual, school, community, and nation.
    minimum 1 picture and/or brief summary of each category.definitions:
    Community; The environment and people you surround yourself with. What you call home.
    Culture; Traditions and moral beliefs being passed down through the generations within your family.             Eg. Art, Dancing, Food, Clothing, Music ect.
  3. By attaching a photo, chose one thing that you believe best describes your city where you live.         Eg. The Slurpee capitol of the world, Philadelphia Eagles.
    1 post per student.
  4. Using a brief summary and/or picture, describe what makes you your own individual.
    eg. Music, dance, sports, education.
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