Day one activity, required material and course outline

Required material:

  • 8-16 gb USB,
  • 4-8 gb SD card
  • complete the media release form. release form

Course Outline:

Click here to view the 2012 Course Outline.

Scratch Drive

  • Create a new First Last name_DigitalVoices subfolder in your thawed drive,
  • Create Unit 1 sub-folder, Unit 2 sub-folder, Unit 3 sub-folder, Ongoing Unit sub-folder, sub-folder, Media sub-folder, Test sub-folder and Portfolio sub-folder
  • Remember that the Data on the thawed drive may be deleted at any time, so back up your work daily!

OBBM Site Registration

Our Big Blue Marble
You will need to generate a nickname (your lastname and firstname initial)to participate in our e-class. Remember to login at the beginning of every class.



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