National CHF Media Project Winner

Congrats Janelle!

I am currently a student attending Sisler High School and am lucky to be in one of the most innovative classes we have now; the digital voices class. We get to explore how to preserve our culture, not only our cultural backgrounds but the our technology culture. Hearing about what global citizenship is made me consider how my life can really affect people all around the world. It’s not even a new concept to me, seeing as there are all these programs out there that ask you to give for a good cause, to send money or food in. But that’s just a one step process. You can give a little and then it fades. The impact of actually helping and changing someone’s life halfway across the world somehow lessens, when really, it’s thrilling. Now we have technology surrounding us that makes it easy to reach out and learn. It isn’t hard to to spread the word or to learn more. Being a global citizen doesn’t take much change in your own life to make a bigger change in someone else’s. That’s why I want to encourage others to make that small change, to learn more and become a global citizen. Helping others gives you a feeling that is really irreplaceable, because we become a part of a global community that cares. To inspire a change is always exciting and expressing that through a digital voice is the easiest way for this generation to get connected and help.!2012-winners

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