Ongoing Unit: A Web 2.0 Cultural Exploration



For this ongoing activity, students will need to work in small groups and design an ongoing media project using any type of technology.  Individual students must document and present all stages of the media production using your BLOG page of your website in POSTS.  These Posts must happen weekly and will need to be tagged, categorized and have a featured image.

The ongoing Unit will take place on Fridays and at the University of Winnipeg visits.

  • Media must deal with CULTURE!
  • Notes, images, midmaps are documented on the website,
  • weekly Posts,
  • design a Featured Image,
  • Plan and document media creation,
  • ongoing weekly video reflections are posted


Week 1: 

  • Students must design a project logo in Adobe Fireworks and use this as the Featured image for all posts (70 X 70 pixels at 72 resolution),
  • Post the following requirements:
    • outline partner names,
    • 5 goals,
    • implementation strategies,
    • student roles and responsibilities,
    • ideas,
    • software needed,
    • a word processed proposal
  • Get a video camera and create a short 30-90 second video on your media assignement,
  • Upload your video and insert into Post,
  • Post Category must be:  Ongoing Media Unit,
  • Post Tags must be:  5-10 key words from your the previous step,
  • Upload your feature image (logo created)
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