Digital Dub


The Making of:

This video is about Janelle and Justine having fun with the dubbing and so that’s what I called it HAH! Well It’s not all that but at least they had fun….right? Anyways so here’s the video and enjoy the randomness:

Animaiton 2:
“If something were to fall from the sky, what do you want it to be?”

Images of Valentine from skullgirls, Iron man, and etc are searched from google.

Animation 1:
HAH! I have two videos to show you, the animation that is not dubbed. Though It took a long time to finish and It still doesn’t look good but I’m still proud of it! At least I finally got the lazy me to do and finish something! 😀 And unto the next project! le subtitles~

FIRST! Is the animation un-dubbed..

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