Gala Speech

Speech from Gala:

Two years ago I had a vision of the evolution of the classroom. An opportunity for 21st century learners to embrace their culture, their stories their past and their future through cutting edge technology and inverted pedagogy. This vision came to fruition when we were named one of 64 Pathfinder schools around the globe by Microsoft and the only Canadian high school. This subsequently led to our participation in the Microsoft Global Forum in Washington last fall. We are grateful to our trustees for the enabling role they played in all of this. Take a look around this room, this is the future! I have learned so much from this generation. I would like to thank the students for challenging me to change, it has been an honour to be educated by you through the integration of mobile devices in the classroom, the collaboration with students around the world, how you challenge educators to examine the ethical and responsible use of social media, and how you are demanding a change in how we, the educators, need to prepare future generations for a connected world.

As we prepare for the future, it is obvious that next year will be even more revolutionary, exciting and cutting edge. Here is the answer for your demand for change, Digital Voices is going global! I am so excited about our new partnerships which have been formed. Over the past three days, 8 educators from around the world have collaborated on the evolution of the Digital Voices platform. We have developed cross curricular activities, inverted resources for 21st century educators and the will for change. I would like to thank Tanis, Mike, Bernard and Margot from the Winnipeg School Division for embracing Digital Voices and becoming a stakeholder in this 21st century pedagogy. I would also like to thank Mr. Marc Dubeau from Osgoode SS in Ottawa and Mr. Frank Machos from the School of the Future in Philadelphia. They have come a long way to learn how to integrate Digital Voices into their schools.

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