Storybook Manitoba

4 Digital Voices’ students have been chosen to participate in The Manitoba Storybook pilot project

The Manitoba Storybook is an interactive website and database of youth created video documentaries that use the power of personal stories to connect young Manitobans from northern, rural, suburban and inner city communities in order to increase their understanding and compassion for each other.  Students will receive instruction on how to work as a “documentary crew” in order to travel to and make a short documentary video about another community within Manitoba. Students from the community visited will then travel to your community to make their own documentary.

With the help of experienced documentary filmmakers the participating students will then edit and create a final documentary video to be screened at a year-end event open to families, friends & the public. Final videos will be hosted on The Manitoba Storybook website.

The students from Sisler High School in have been matched with students from Margaret Barbour Collegiate in The Pas.




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