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Okay, this is might be confusing, so bear with me… is it bare or bear? THERE IS NO TIME TO CHECK!

Alright, so my partner and I have been developing a game in the RPG Maker VX engine for Digital Voice’s “Cultural Project.” Well, to create the game, we used RPG Maker VX and during the process of most of the developing, my I decided to recreate the game using an enhanced version of the previously mentioned engine, to RPG Maker VX Ace. The game, “Phobia,” will be based around a teenage boy that developed schizophrenia due to his bogey phobia that he had as a child. After personal complications, he is sent to a psychiatric hospital named “Arkham Psychiatric Hospital” due to my partners love for Lovecraft. After taking his tour of Arkham, he returns to his assigned room where he is partnered up with a girl. The girl is becomes “interesting” to our character and befriends her. Then something bad happens. I am not going into detail as of now.

Aww… I can see your tears streaming down your face. They look delicious. But seriously, I don’t want to spoil anything, and I am still in the process of developing. That is like showing off an unfinished painting.

• Identify 5 Project Goals:

5 Goals:    • To create a top-down horror game that bases itself around phobias.    • To deliver an immersive story experience with a fun game-play mechanic.    • To make “Phobia” school appropriate and still deliver a top notch horror experience.    • To create the majority of the artwork and not the programs tilesets.    • To implement the feeling of each phobia so the player feels and understands the phobia

• Identify 2 goals For The Week:

• Make the Ambulance Isometric.    • Finish bedroom

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