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My summative cultural project is just a continuation of my Cultural Experiences project which involves stop-motion shadow puppets.  It might seem to make more sense to just film a shadow-puppet show, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, I’m not friends with live video.

The video will present a Chinese legend on how the New Year’s Eve tradition started. If you want to a re-cap of the project, here are the weekly posts that document my progress: Week 7: Inception Week 8: Legends Week 9: Making the Shadow Puppets

Here are a couple of videos I looked at to get an idea on style and how I would set up the stage and background (it’ll show up 2D, so I don’t need to worry about making a full stage):


The second video is a little choppy, but it has the general idea.

Puppet "Stage"-- Light Table The picture represents how the light table, paper screen and puppet are to be set up

Permanent markersPermanent Markers~!

So far, I’m constructing the puppets by first putting a tentative design on paper. Once I’m happy with it it’s transferred to an acetate sheet with permanent markers—acrylic doesn’t work as well and takes a long time to dry.  The reason I used acetate sheets is because I want the colours to be vibrant. The “stage” will actually be a light table with a large piece of paper on it to get that authentic feel, so having paper-on-paper might diminish the puppet’s colours.





Designing a Shadow PuppetDesigning a shadow puppet

5 Main Goals:

  • Demonstrate some of my culture and roots.
  • Successfully make a stop-motion video.
  • Document project progress.
  • Show that technology is essential as this generation’s form of expression.
  • Have fun!…Just kidding (but it IS fun to be making this video).

Goals for this week:

  • Construct a few puppets.
  • Practice with what puppets I manage to finish.
    Design transfer
    Transferring the puppet to an overhead sheet

Hardware, software, etc:

  • Light Table
  • Windows Movie Maker or something better.


Shadow Puppet partsParts of the shadow puppet



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