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So I am suppose to tell everyone about what I am going to do for the My Culture video. Well I’m going to make a video that shows others what my culture is to me and those that are like me. I am an East Indian and my second language is Punjabi, my religion is Sihkism. Most people don’t know the difference and to be honest I don’t either. This going to be an experience for me as well as those that will help me make it and see the finish of it. I am really excited to make something like this. I’m not just doing this for myself, its to show other people in my culture; mostly the elders, that we have not forgotten our background. I may be born here in Winnipeg but the blood of a Sikh runs in there veins. This chance only comes once in a life time to explore and treasure something that is fading away slowly. My culture is dying away slowly but I want to be able to go back to something other then my memories and say that “Hey I remember when they use to do that in India.” I know understand how the elders feel and say that we are starting to become Americanized. I agree with them, even myself I do wish at points that I had a different background because some of the rules that I have to follow in my culture do just kill me at some point but at the end of the day I am thankful of the family and home I have.

I am going to start today the video process and see how it goes from there. I am the type of person to go with the flow but I will have to plan out who I am going to interview in this, where I am going to film and what the message I am trying to give to the viewers and the one thing that I have to remember is that this video is for all ages so I have to keep the contents pretty low. Anyways wish me luck! 🙂

My cultural activity is a video about my culture. I don’t know much about my culture and there are others like me that don’t either. This will give me a chance to learn about my culture as well as others.

The goals that i have set out for this project are:
1. Understanding my own culture
2. Get others to understand my culture ( and not just East-Indians like me but all others)
3.Be able to prove to the elders that there are people out there that still want to learn more about our culture
4.Teach others the ways of our culture
5.For me to be able to know that I had tired to share something that amazed me to other

My two goals for this week are:
1.Get more filming done (meaning the little play in the video, a dance performance, and some more me shots and interviews)
2.Edit the most that I have already.

The only technology I am using is to make this video is my video camera, picture camera, and to edit premiere.

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