Social media and mobile devices in the classroom – a student proposal

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We are going to be making a video about why our school should have access to mobile devices such as iPads, social media, and digital media. We are going to in cooperate views as a student as to why we should have these options and a teachers view and we will be using Digital Voices class as a reference. We will need websites such as tumblr, twitter, and youtube; for software we will be using premier, perhaps fireworks and photoshop; we will need iPads, video cameras, and cellphones (maybe.) For this project we will need to complete the following goals, brainstorm more about our current ideas and this proposal, create/finsih a script by next reflection, story board that day, finish all video footage by June 5th, edit video by June 11th. Our two goals for this week will be to finish the script and to start story boarding.
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