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CHF Proposal
May 9, 2012 · by janeul · in Activity

While I was watching the commercial for Simple Skincare, I had an epiphany on what I wanted to do. The tone and feel of this commercial and the idea of adding something into or to a flower made me think. So as my thoughts continued, I began to think of a simple tutorial style video. Adding components one by one like how they add the paint and other chemicals to the rose. It will be a tutorial on how to make a difference using a narrator and a main character.

I was also thinking of have transitions shots where the things we can do to carry out he change. With our handle on media and technology, it carries out a message and how as students we can sustain this voice easily. So I want to use an ipad or just the computer and have the main character interact with the chf media to make the bridge.

This video shows awesome transitions and is kind of what I was thinking about for the transitions
. Having a frame to capture a moment or place an image of a chf piece on top of that track. That way, I’d be able to show the media they’ve provided on the site while using most of my own material.

The scope is what it means to be a Global citizen, which is the idea that we are all citizens of the world and that as citizens of the world we are all equally responsible for what happens in our world. It is also a belief that as global citizen it is our responsibility to raise awareness, understanding, empathy and take action to address issues of social injustice, inequality and environmental degradation no matter where in the world they are occurring.

So for my video in planning on tackling the question straight on, using the main character to address the concerns and responsibilities of what we can do. All done in the tutorial style.

Here are some notes:

– Entire communities are working closely with CHF to design and implement projects, while also providing advice throughout the process. The result is that CHF’s programming is building sustainable results and resilient communities.

>>taking it to the next step of making a difference

– uses a comprehensive, integrated and assets-based approach to rural development that brings sustainable transformation to the lives of people living in poverty.
– A vision driven by big-picture thinking.

– the passion for change, the determination to produce visible results, and the commitment to ensure that every single person who has anything to do with a community has the opportunity to make it a better one.

– HF’s focus on livelihoods is applied in innovative ways to make the world a better place — from building peace in post-conflict areas and reconstructing the lives of those struck by disaster, to empowering women and protecting the environment.

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