Digital imaging and sparking change – a student proposal

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For my final summative project I will be working with Haley to create a memorial of the Digital Voices class. The goals we need to reach for our projects is to create set dates of when we will be taking pictures of each of our classmates, take pictures on set dates, set up the studio, edit pictures, arrange the photographs accordingly for printing, and print the final product. Our goal for this week is to set up dates for each student and take pictures of all the digital voices students.

We will need; Photoshop, studio lights, Canon Rebels, Tripods, and a green screen. I will also be working on my own side project that involves my own cultural experiences and the people I meet. I will be doing a interview or a brief summary of the person’s background/story along with a picture of them or a picture that relates to them. I will be using whatever photographic materials are on me during that time such as my iPhone, disposable camera, or my Pentax.

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